ISO 9001 Galeazi Metals RS
TELESHOPPING 51 2104-1066 07:30 - 12:00 / 13:00 - 17:18



+ Anodes.
+ Bars (round, square, rectangular).
+ Plates.
+ Coils.
+ Tubes (industrial, refrigeration and plumbing).


+ Electrical: Cables, conductors for overhead lines, winding motors, generators, transformers, and general instruments, wires and building industrial facilities, radio and television components, switches, terminals, ground wires, threads for collectors, coaxial cables
+ Chemical: Boilers, pots, stills, autoclaves tanks, equipment for food industry
+ Mechanical: Heat Exchangers, products made of wire or strip, radiators and gaskets for automotive, printed objects, nails, rivets
+ Architectural and Building Services: Coatings, drivers for stormwater, gutters, ridges, flashings, roofs, railings and decorative moldings, inlaid wood profiles etc..


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