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Group Companies

Know the companies forming part of the Group Galeazi

Founded in 1970 with the objective of meeting the metal-mechanical market, was the starting point of Galeazi Group. Today, the Brothers Galeazi Ltda holds the absolute leadership of the distribution of non-ferrous metals segment, with a trading volume reaching the milestone of 4,000 tons.

The Brothers Galeazi Ltda is installed in Porto Alegre / RS from day 2 July 1979 and covers the distribution of Nonferrous Metals. In 2007, in Porto Alegre opened a new branch of the group, Martinox Imp Ind Com and Stainless Steel that operates exclusively in the distribution of stainless steel.

Founded in 1985, the FBM Foundry Brazilian Metals Ltd, whose main area of ​​activity the production of ingots of non ferrous metals. Its annual production volume is 1,800 tons. FBM and now affects more joints are still the same team more united and Vonta of work double. The marketing of non-ferrous metals, recycling of scrap to processing into ingots, the FBM make a complete company, concerned about the environment and ready for a new age medium.

Integrated to Galeazi Group in 1986, incorporates Imefer in practice an experience of 38 years linked to trade carbon steel pipe, with and without stitching. Distributor Mannesmann, Imefer is currently among the top three companies in the industry, with a trading volume of around 28,000 tonnes.

In 1986, the Galeazi Group acquired control of Xilotécnica SA, which at the time stood out as one of the largest manufacturers of tubular locks, marketed under the trademark “Lockwell”. Founded in 1955, the Xilotécnica is currently market leader in the segment of tubular locks.

Acquired by the Galeazi Group in 1974, Martinox came to occupy a prominent position in the market thanks to the impetus given by his administration. Operates in the manufacturing, trade and distribution of stainless steel bars, pipes, sheets, profiles and wire, with an annual trading volume of around 2,500 tonnes format.

Incorporated into the group in 1979, Sicap there since 1950, occupying a prominent position in the manufacture of complex metal parts and high precision. An important park machines produce all types of precision machined diameter of from 1 mm to 60 mm diameter pieces. The Sicap is producing parts for various market segments such as auto parts, appliances, gas, refrigeration and electronics sector. Your monthly volume machining reaches approximately 80 tons.


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